We were commissioned by Informa Telecoms & Media to create the magazine cover for the Mobile Communications International – Sim City issue. The concept is that with technology growing every day, how long will be be before we can fit entire cities into something the size of a Sim Card? We created the illustration mainly in 3D with a few touch-ups in Photoshop.


From Mobile Communications International Sim City issue: If some players are to be believed, in the not too distant future we will live in a world of 50 billion connected devices. Making this happen will not be simple, however, and will require a completely new way of working from the mobile operators that want to make money from this explosion in connectivity. The leaders in the space share their insights and we look at the contrasting business cases of four carriers addressing the M2M space. You can read the Mobile Communications International Sim City issue on their website.


Informa Telecoms & Media